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Lilia Hernandez, MD

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If you’re frustrated with trying to lose weight on your own or following specific diets, Lilia H. Hernandez MD offers another option. At her office in Brownsville, Texas, Dr. Hernandez offers weight management care to help adults reach their body goals. To get support from a medical expert and a personalized weight management program for you, call the office or make an appointment online today.

Weight Management Q & A

How does weight management work?

Dr. Hernandez has extensive experience helping people overcome their hurdles to weight loss and move toward their body goals.

When you choose weight management, the process starts with an appointment with Dr. Hernandez where you discuss your body goals, other ways you’ve tried to lose weight, and your personal and family health history. 

Dr. Hernandez learns more about you and your weight history to help her personalize a treatment program while identifying potential roadblocks to success, like problems with your thyroid or hormone levels. 

Next, she offers treatment for any conditions that could slow your weight loss while guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle that helps you reach your goal weight. 

Will I still have to diet and exercise?

Yes. The only way to naturally lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. To give you the best results as quickly as possible, Dr. Hernandez recommends that you combine healthy eating and regular exercise.

This doesn’t mean you have to go through your day starving or spend hours at the gym. Instead, Dr. Hernandez partners with you to help you make changes in a way that’s enjoyable to you. 

She works with you to find nutritious, balanced meals you like and physical activity you enjoy. You’re not likely to stick with something you hate, so her goal is to guide you to changes that will be easy for you to sustain long-term. 

This way, you don’t just lose weight, but you have a much easier time keeping it off. Additionally, the changes you make during your weight management program support your overall health, helping you enjoy a long, vibrant life. 

How quickly will I lose weight with weight management?

Be wary of weight loss programs that purport to help you lose pounds a day. Not only is this rapid weight loss extremely hard to sustain, but most people who lose weight this quickly put it back on just as fast. 

Instead, Dr. Hernandez works with you to take measurable steps toward your body goals. Talk with her about how much weight you’d like to lose and she can let you know a realistic timeline. 

To get started with weight management, call the office or make an appointment online today.