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Lilia H. Hernandez MD offers high-quality internal medicine services to patients in Brownsville, Texas. As a seasoned internist, Dr. Hernandez has the specialization and expertise required to provide adults with the diagnoses, treatments, and guidance they need to lead their healthiest lives. 

At Lilia H. Hernandez MD, the team diagnoses and treats the broad variety of acute and chronic conditions that affect adults. They help everyone from individuals looking for a primary care physician to people searching for a health care provider who can help with chronic disease management. The team has extensive experience helping people living with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more. They also treat acute conditions like the common cold and influenza. 

Additionally, Lilia H. Hernandez MD is dedicated to supporting patient wellness. With services like annual physical exams and weight management care, the team works with patients to avoid challenges to their long-term health. They are committed to helping patients avoid disease with the right medical guidance and lifestyle support. 

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